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by @discountcompost

a two player political area control game using a deck of cards and a bag of Skittles

The year is 1925 and the tiny country of Ruritania is in turmoil. The old king is on his deathbed without having sired a direct heir. The Monarchists, desperate to cling to their old forms of ducal power want to name a regent from amongst their own ranks until the king's niece comes of age to take the throne. The militant progressive forces in the capital want the old systems of power torn down and replaced with direct representation of the people. They have formed a coalition of Democratic Socialists and look to the Bolshevik movement as a template for revolution. They see the monarchy as corrupt and antiquated.

The four suits represent four factions/political parties in the capital, and having majority in them represents those factions being aligned with your philosophy. The Skittles represent five different industries/unions in the capital. Adding Skittles to a faction increases that industry's allegiance to a political party. Having more Skittles behind your screen represents the influence of your ideology within that industry.


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